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This page will assist you with Yearly Progress Pro use in the classroom.  Usage tips and FAQ will be found here.

What is Yearly Progress Pro?

OVERVIEW: YPP is a web-based progress monitoring and reporting tool for Math & English.  Each Area consists of three components: CBM Assessments, Instructional Exercises and Custom Tests. The three components can be used individually, or can be used to compliment each other, according to individual studentís needs.


CBM: CBM (Curriculum Based Measurement) is a method of systematically assessing a studentís progress, by regularly testing across the curriculum at grade level. The resulting data provides an accurate assessment of where individual students stand in relation to year-end goals and of skill mastery and retention.

CBM Assessments: A weekly, 15-minute timed assessment which evaluates the student across the curriculum both forward and backward, permitting teachers to quickly identify problem areas and intervene. A round of four timed evaluations covers the entire curriculum; after one month, teachers will have an accurate picture of where their students stand in regard to state grade level standards. The reading CBM  is a two-minute Cloze Exercise.

Instructional Exercises: Three-step exercises which provide guided practice and instruction on all of the skills. Exercises can be used to provide targeted remediation or review, and/or to supplement classroom instruction. Exercises consist of a step-by-step demonstration of how to approach and solve a problem, guided practice problems which walk a student through the problem solving process one step at a time, and practice problems. Immediate feedback is provided for guided practice and practice problems.

Custom Tests: Mastery assessments which teachers can create from over 500 skills and 40,000 test-questions drawn from our database. Custom tests can be used as pre- or post- tests to assess efficacy of classroom instruction, as end-of-chapter tests, and to identify problems that students are having with specific objectives. They can be used as placement tests and in lieu of CBM assessments for summer school or very short sessions, which are not long enough for weekly assessment to provide conclusive data. Custom tests do not take the place of CBM assessments- they complement them.


The YPP reporting tool provides extremely detailed and conclusive information regarding studentsí progress, areas of difficulty and strengths. From these reports, teachers will be able to determine the appropriate course of action for each student, and the class as a whole. Teachers can "drill down" to see exactly how a student answered individual questions on CBM Assessments, Custom Tests and Exercises, and can choose to print individual student reports for parent-teacher conferences. Next year, teachers are able to access student history reports for the previous year in order to have an understanding of an individual studentís strengths and difficulties.

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Utilizing CBM Reports for Remediation 

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